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One of life's great rewards is enjoying the culture of the city,especilly NYC.The art, music,dance,poetry,fashion,gives another reason to "step out" and celebrate the moment of "being",sharing expressions as varied as the people lucky enough to realize the importance of fun."STEPPIN OUT" is truly a global sport.The energy and imagery created by ones fashion,contibution of spirit at a party or concert is life's true stage.


Maybe it was the first sip of "Hong Wing" coffee in the pool at Grafton Beach Resort,swimming under a million stars, that the melody about this paradise floated into my head. The beauty,the warmth, the perfect palette, courtesy of nature,the love call of birds, are all a part of the perfect Caribbean day. The night gives way to romance, dance, and newborn songs of joy like this.Tobago is the latitude of love, all things wonderful. It simply changed my whole life! My very dear friend Gwen Guthrie,Singing Diva Supreme, made this song a gift and gem celebrating beauty and love.


When the idea of creating this CD first came to mind, I knew that I had to include my most famous recording,"HARLEM RIVER DRIVE". This song has become my "signature, good times" song; now a true classic.Originally produced by iconic fusion producers Larry and Fonce Mizelle, this song, along with Donald Byrd's"Black Byrd", Miles Davis'"Bitches Brew",Herbie Hancock's "Headhunters" heralded a new era, a new sound in Jazz; a fusion of Jazz, Funk, and R&B, crowned with improvisation. This time, I decided to turn the beat around and update it with a "House" beat. I love it! So does the Hip Hop artists, as it as been sampled by many, including Will Smith, A Tribe Called Quest.


Many of my songs have decided to be born in one of my favorite places in NYC. As I usually go to Central Park daily, it's no wonder that my creative work and daily exercise meet often. Sometimes the lyrics come first, sometimes the melody. Other times a complete verse jumps in my head as I pedal my bike. or run around the resevoir. The idea of a complete romance would naturally, to me at least,create magic and music in one's life. It is beautifully sung by my friend,D'Wayne Whitehead. Dave Spinozza plays a chilling guitar solo.


I was introduced to this song by Roy Louis from Curacoa. Infectious, haunting,calming. I knew I would make it the title track. I'm so grateful he let me re-name it,"PASSION FLUTE". I love the way my flute sounds along with Gwen Guthrie's background vocals.This song speaks to everything that the flute means to me: PASSION!


"Marvelous Marlin" Even though I now live in one of the greatest cities in the world, New York City, a part of me remains true to my roots, a country girl at heart- in love with nature. I've always had an affinity, a passion for prairies and and porches, hallmarks in the South that I grew up in. Marlin, Texas represented family, friends, celebrations, and a constant comfort, often forgotten in big city life. It was good to know that a place like this remained a few steps, a few beats behind the hectic, hurried Life that I now lead as a musician.


Sometimes when everything feels right,you pause and try to freeze-frame the moment of joy, just in case "always" is not forever. I've learned that life itself is cyclical. So you learn to ride the waves of good and bad times of love and life. Like the Sea, Life roars and recedes; often leaving us to ponder what causes joy to change, and where does love sometimes go? This song really does it for me as a composer. The haunting, pleading lines of "gone away, gone away" speak to the honesty of hurt and loss.


This song was composed many years ago when I used to record at my friend Ralph MacDonald's studio called "Rosebud". I have always loved the piano. And I was even more pleased with the chords played on it. So between songs, I'd go and play these chords that I loved and just thought about a love so special, so surreal, that only a rainbow could describe. This is my favorite instrumental, so much that even today I plan to create a video to it, hopefully in the Rainbow State, Hawaii.